Tyler Hansbrough changing a tire at Hendrick Motorsports
Hendrick Motorsports

Pacers Visit Hendrick Motorsports

by Wheat Hotchkiss | January 15, 2013

While in Charlotte to face the Bobcats, a group of Pacers players and staff members took some time on their off day on Monday to visit Hendrick Motorsports headquarters. The Indiana contingent included forward Tyler Hansbrough, Vice President/Player Relations Clark Kellogg, assistant coach Dan Burke, trainer Shawn Windle, equipment manager Josh Conder, and media relations director David Benner.

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Tyler Hansbrough Visit to Hendrick Motorsports

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On one of the team's days off in Charlotte, Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough visited the Hendrick Motorsports complex. He talked about his experience with Claire B. on SIRIUS Radio.

Hendrick Motorsports is an auto racing team that competes in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. Their current team includes five-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson, four-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Kasey Kahne.

The group from the Pacers received a tour of the Hendrick Motorsports facilities from Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s crew chief, Steve Letarte, and checked out pit practice. Several members of the group, including Tyler Hansbrough, tried their hand at pit crew responsibilities like jacking a tire and removing a rear wheel.

The Pacers left Hendrick Motorsports with a newfound appreciation for auto racing and all the work that goes into a race.

“You always draw parallels from what I’ve done as a former player and what I do now as a broadcaster,” Kellogg told NASCAR.com. “But the teamwork aspect is always something that jumps out at you when you get behind the scenes of another organization in another sport."