Nikki Shaw at Boomer's Boot Camp


Celebrity Chef Nikki Shaw, wife of Indiana Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw, will make a guest appearance and highlight Pacers’ mascot Boomer’s Boot Camp for 100 4th grade children in Indianapolis. Boomer’s Boot Camp is part of the team’s “Get Pacers Fit” health initiative, designed to help promote wellness and fitness as a way of life. The boot camps are designed for children and presented by Kroger.

Boomer’s Boot Camp teaches children about healthy food choices and proper exercise techniques. Boomer’s high energy programs along with his colorful antics are always a big hit among students.

Shaw, an acclaimed celebrity chef, will begin the program and speak to the children about healthy food choices. She and her husband have long been committed to spreading awareness of and combating childhood obesity. She has been a featured chef and spokesperson for the cause and has conducted healthy cooking demonstrations all over the nation. Following Chef Shaw’s presentation, Boomer will then work the students through an aerobic workout set to fun music. All the children will receive posters and stickers after the program.


Liberty Park Elementary School


Tuesday, Apr. 10 2:00-3:00 p.m.