Mock Draft Database 2011

Updated June 23, 2011
6-6 SG Colorado

Teams in the teens are thinking Burks might be available after all, and the Pacers would be delighted if he fell this far to add to their Hibbert-George-Hansbrough-Granger-Collison nucleus.

Draft Marshon Brooks
6-5 SG Providence

Was the second leading scorer in the entire NCAA as a senior and measured out extremely well at the NBA Draft Combine, yet there are questions about whether his style of basketball is conducive to winning and what type of adjustments he'll need to make as a pro. What would be the most likely way for him to find success in the NBA? Insider Jimmer Fredette
6-3 PG BYU

The Pacers could go a number of ways here, but for the fourth straight week, I think Fredette will be their man. In the meantime, the odds are growing stronger that the Kings, Jazz or Suns will take him first.
There also are teams such as the Knicks who are trying to move ahead of the Jazz at No. 12 to get him. So there's a good chance Fredette will be off the board when the Pacers draft, but if he's here, he'll be very hard to pass on. Tristan Thompson and Markieff Morris also are serious options here if both are still on the board. Kemba Walker
6-1 PG Connecticut

With Utah taking Kanter, Walker could slide all the way into the teens. He would be a great value at 15 and could compete with Darren Collison for the starting PG position. Despite his incredible season, there are some concerns over whether he is a true point guard and big enough. Alec Burks
6-6 SG Colorado
Unsurprisingly fares much better from a statistical standpoint, where his 0.987 PPP ranks sixth overall, and he uses 19.3 possessions per game, fourth most of all wings. Burks' FG% of 48.7% actually ranks third worst in the class, but he sports an above average TO% and his 18.8% free throw rate is easily best in the class.

Burks' ability to quickly create shots is evident in his transition numbers, as 21.8% of his possessions come on the break, the highest in the class. Burks is a talented shot creator in the halfcourt as well, with 16.1% of his possessions coming on pick-and-rolls (1st overall) and 19.0% coming on isolations (fourth overall). Burks' 0.897 PPP on isolations ranks dead in the middle of the class at ninth, but given the defensive attention he drew, it's still impressive.

NBADraft.Net Kemba Walker
6-1 PG Connecticut

Walker's game is marked by "electricity" and explosiveness. Plays with an undefinable burst, seemingly moving in warp speed while everyone else is standing still- yet he remains for the most part under control, with the ball on a string. Working in his favor is a freakish blend of raw speed, breathtaking quickness, ultra-aggression and sneaky power. Scores from anywhere on the court (23.5 ppg). Can't be contained by a single defender off the dribble, be it in the half court or most notably in transition. Splits double teams and traps in a blink. Marcus Morris
6-8 PF Kansas
The Pacers are a talented young team that could use some extra scoring. Morris is a power forward that can score in a variety of ways. He can rebound and score down low, plus he can handle the ball and knock down perimeter jumpers.
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