Two is the Magic Number

Updated April 5, 2011 at 9:30pm

The Pacers need to win two more games or have an additional two losses from the Charlotte Bobcats and an additional loss from the Milwaukee Bucks (or any combination thereof) to clinch a playoff berth for this season.

The magic number is the number used to determine how close the Pacers are to clinching a playoff berth for the 2011 NBA Playoffs. It represents the total of additional wins by the Pacers or additional losses (or any combination thereof) by each of the competing teams after which the Pacers clinch a playoff berth. The competing teams include Charlotte and Milwaukee.

The earliest the Pacers can clinch a playoff berth is tomorrow, April 6. It would require the Pacers to win tomorrow against Washington and for the Bobcats to lose tomorrow against Orlando. If the Pacers do not clinch on April 6, then they will have an opportunity to clinch on April 8, 9, 10, 11 or 13 depending on game outcomes as there are not any scheduled games for April 12 that include either the Pacers, Bobcats or Bucks.

Remaining Pacers Games (4 regular season games left):
Wednesday, April 6 vs. Washington (Pacers College Night)
Friday, April 8 vs. Atlanta (Lucas Oil Family Night)
Sunday, April 10 vs. New York (Fan Appreciation Night)
Wednesday, April 13 at Orlando (Regular Season Finale)

Remaining Bobcats Games (6 regular season games left):                       
Wednesday, April 6 vs. Orlando           
Friday, April 8 at Miami                          
Sunday, April 10 vs. Detroit                  
Monday, April 11 at New Jersey            
Wednesday, April 13 vs. Atlanta                                              

Remaining Bucks Games (6 regular season games left):
Wednesday, April 6 at Miami   
Friday, April 8 at Detroit          
Saturday, April 9 vs. Cleveland
Monday, April 11 vs Toronto     
Wednesday 13 at Oklahoma City


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If The Playoffs Started Today
Eastern Conference Western Conference
(1) CHICAGO vs. (8) Indiana
(Chicago won 3-1)
(2) MIAMI vs. (7) New York
(Series tied 2-2)
(3) BOSTON (1H) vs. (6) Philadelphia
(Boston leads 2-1)
(4) ORLANDO vs. (5) Atlanta
(Atlanta won 3-1)
(1) SAN ANTONIO vs. (8) Memphis
(Series tied 2-2)
(2) LOS ANGELES vs. (7) New Orleans
(Los Angeles won 4-0)
(3) DALLAS (1A) vs. (6) Portland
(Dallas leads 2-1)
(4) OKLAHOMA CITY (1H/1A) vs. (5) Denver
(Series tied 1-1)

Above records are for the season series between the two teams