Lucas Nogueira

by Wheat Hotchkiss Writer/Editor

Lucas Nogueira

Source: DraftExpress

June 26, 2013

Club: Estudiantes Madrid (Brazil)
Position: Center
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 220 lbs
Age: 20
Points Per Game: 5.4
Rebounds Per Game: 3.4
Blocks Per Game: 1.1
FG %: 66.1%
Turnovers Per Game: 3.4

Lucas Nogueira took a major step in being noticed by the NBA after surfacing in San Antonio during the U18 Americas Championship. The 20 year old held significant minutes for his Brazilian squad Estudiantes Madrid after establishing himself as an offensive rebounder and shot blocker. His 220 lb frame is considered slender by NBA standards, but his 7'5" wingspan will come in handy in the post.

Nogueira's strengths include protecting the rim, flexibility, and his ability to grab offensive rebounds. Nogueira had an impressive 3.3 blocks per 40 minutes last season and opponents shot only 11.1% around the rim while he was in and stole the ball 1.4 times per 40 minutes. Last season Nogueira gathered an impressive 4.9 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes putting him in 3rd among DX Draft Prospects.

Nogueira's weaknesses include being limited offensively, his strength, and his defensive awareness. Nogueira is strictly a catch and finish man at this point with post ups accounting for only 4.2% of his offensive possessions. He also isn't a threat from the floor shooting only 3-9 jump shots. Nogueira is a not a great defensive rebounder, he only accounts for 5.2 DEF rebounds per 40 minutes and gets pushed around on the glass. He tends to be a ball watcher and loses his man at times.

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