Pacers Jack-O'-Lantern

We want to showcase your Pacers jack-o’-lantern. Tweet us @Pacers or post it to Facebook.com/pacers. You can also submit your photo here on Pacers.com.


Jack-O-Lantern Instructions

Pacers jack-o'-lanterns are a traditional welcome for any Pacers Fan trick-or-treater, an invitation to stop by for a Halloween surprise from a fellow Pacers Fan.

1.Pick a pumpkin.

2. Clean out your pumpkin the traditional way

3.Use Push Pins/Nail or black or blue transfer paper to transfer a patter to your pumpkin

4.Use a utility knife to outline your pattern on the pumpkin

5. Use wood carving tools to carefully take out the thick surface layer of skin of the pumpkin.

6.At first take off a little. Continue until you have completed the pattern.

7.Check with a flashlight or candle to see how much light is showing.

8.To preserve your Pacers pumpkin, give it a solid misting with bleach-based spray like Clorox Cleanup with Bleach or a bleach mixture.

9. Place a candle inside the pumpkin to create a glow to show of your Pacers Pride.

10.Share a photo of your Pacers pumpkin masterpiece with it after it is carved! Tweet us @Pacers or post it at Facebook.com/pacers.


Stencil Downloads

Easy Level Of Difficulty

Medium Level Of Difficulty

High Level Of Difficulty