If You Bleed Pacers Blue and Gold, Now is Your Chance to Get Into Area 55 or the G2 Zone

by Manny Randhawa

October 21, 2012

Editor's Note: There are a limited number of tickets available in the G2 Zone and Area 55. Interested? Read more below or go here: Join the G2 Zone or Join Area 55

If a stranger were to wander into Bankers Life Fieldhouse on any given Pacers game night, they’d witness one of the most unique atmospheres in the NBA.

That’s because there are two fan sections that bring the noise—and the Blue Collar and Gold Swagger—that true Pacers fans are famous for, igniting the entire arena in support of their team and creating the most hostile of work environments for opponents who have the misfortune of having to play at the Fieldhouse.

Area 55, a special fan section started by Pacers star center Roy Hibbert, and the G2 Zone, a joint venture between Paul George and George Hill, have become home to elite Pacers fans who bleed blue and gold.

And as a show of their appreciation for the electric atmosphere these fans produce night-in and night-out, the Pacers love to meet and get to know them.

"I could never have imagined being this close to the team, actually having personal relationships with the players," said Area 55 veteran Colin Lott. "They’re great guys."

Feeling like a real part of the Pacers family is what Lott and fellow Area 55 fan Joe Murphy say the experience is like to sit in that special section. "They’re like our big brothers," Murphy said. "Roy’s taken us to the movies; we’ve been to laser tag. We kind of know these guys inside and out."

Knowing the Pacers inside and out is what makes the bond so special for the fans in Area 55 and in its cross-court companion section, the G2 Zone, where Joe Wager and Rachael Schrader have been since its inception. "Being a part of the G2 Zone is really special," says Wager. "It’s really awesome that they put stuff together where we can meet with the players. We’ve been down in the locker room with them; we’ve talked to Paul George. It’s awesome to be a part of this."

While the fans in Area 55 and the G2 Zone have unique opportunities to get up close and personal with their heroes of the hardwood, they also have the chance to be part of the most enthusiastic sections in the Fieldhouse, where the fun gets started early and doesn’t end until the final buzzer sounds.

"It’s awesome to be able to get the crowd crazy every single game and put everything we have into losing our voices," Wager added. "Along with Area 55 we make it the most fun atmosphere in sports."

Area 55’s Murphy perhaps summed it up best in his reverence for the section and what it represents. "It’s an honor to be in it."

After their last preseason game against the Grizzlies on Saturday night, the Pacers announced there are a limited number of tickets available to the general public in both Area 55 and the G2 Zone. Every season, the winning members of Area 55 and G2 Zone auditions have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets in the section at a special price. Any remaining tickets are then made available to the remaining fans that auditioned. If any tickets remain after this process, they then are made available to select Pacers fans that were unable to audition but would like the opportunity to sit in either section.

If you think you have enough Pacers pride, are loud and proud, and are interested in joining the G2 Zone or joining Area 55, follow the links.