G2 Zone Final Tryouts Overflow with Pacers Pride

by Manny Randhawa

September 29, 2012

Super Mario and his partner Luigi made an appearance, as did Darth Vader, a Pacemate from the 1970’s, and a voodoo doll of LeBron James.

Where, you ask, could you possibly find such a cavalcade of crazy characters?

You’d find them at the G2 Zone final tryouts at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, of course. In all, 72 different pairs of fans made their pitch to be given free season tickets to sit in the G2 Zone, otherwise known as Section 120 of the Krieg DeVault Club Level, an initiative conceived last year as a joint idea by Pacers stars Paul George and George Hill.

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The first contestants of the day presented George with a crown, hailing the “real king,” in a reference to the title ascribed to Miami’s LeBron James. George wore the crown through the entire tryout session, proclaiming that “the king has spoken” when presenting automatic winners with a G2 plaque signifying immediate selection.

The Pacers faithful showed their true colors as they went to whatever lengths necessary to impress their heroes watching from the judge’s table.

One pair of fans demonstrated their love for the blue and gold with a dodge ball, as one of them hurled it into the other’s face at point-blank range, the receiver of the blow barely flinching as he flexed his muscles when the ball caromed into the air after making impact with his forehead.

Two other fans stripped away their warm-up pants to reveal Speedos with the words “G2 Zone” painted on the backside.

There was no shortage of Pacers pride on display, and after more than two hours of tryouts, followed by another hour of deliberations, 36 pairs of fans were chosen to receive the ultimate prize for any Pacers loyalist: season tickets in the G2 Zone for its first full season.

Hill and George personally called each of the winners to let them know that they had been selected, and the excitement on the other end of the line was palpable in anticipation of the opportunity to watch the Pacers in person for every home game of the upcoming season.

“It feels good to be able to give some real Pacer fans a chance to see us play when they otherwise might not have been able to get tickets,” George said. “Pacer Nation is growing again and it’s great to give these fans a chance to show their support for us.”

But lest the fans that were selected for the G2 Zone get a little too comfortable in their new seats for this season, George Hill has a message for the new members of this exclusive club: “You gotta get up and bring it, because the more you bring it the better we play.”

And judging by what was seen at the G2 Zone finals Saturday, the Pacers should have a great 2012-13 campaign.