Foster Stocks Pantries of Ronald McDonald House

April 1, 2011

During the month of March Jeff Foster worked diligently in the community to stock the pantries of the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana. Foster, who is in his fourth year working to help the Ronald McDonald House, collected $46,000 worth of food that will go to the families that receive care from the organization.

"We serve families that have a child in the hospital," said Aaron Carmichael, Director of Development with the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana. "They can stay here and be very close to their child. It helps (the child's) recovery and makes sure Mom and Dad have everything they need."

Earlier this week, Foster was joined by teammates Mike Dunleavy, Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert, Clark Kellogg and members of the Butler Bulldogs football team to unload the semi truck of food to restock the pantry.

"There's food everywhere (in our pantry)," said Carmichael. "It is pretty amazing. This will last our house guests for many, many months."

After unloading the truck, Foster and his teammates cooked dinner for families at the house. Clark Kellogg helped to make sure cookies turned out perfect.

"The way you tell if a cookie is done is you have to see the bottom of it," instructed Kellogg.