Final Report Card: Jamison Brewer

by Conrad Brunner

May 16, 2003

By the Numbers: The good news is he played nearly twice as much as last season. The bad news is that meant a total of just 80 minutes in 10 games. Averaged 2.2 points and 1.8 assists, shooting 52.9 percent from the field.

Playoffs: Not on the postseason roster.

Plus-Minus: During the regular season, he ranked 10th at plus-eight overall and plus 0.8 per game.

Contract Status: Free agent.

Analysis: Appeared to be on the verge of a minor breakthrough when he totaled 43 minutes in consecutive games on Feb. 28 and March 4 and played well, totaling 12 points and six assists while making 5-of-7 shots. Coach Isiah Thomas was impressed and appeared ready to give Brewer more regular minutes, but a shoulder bruise sent him back to the injured list. When veteran Tim Hardaway was signed, it assured Brewer’s absence from the postseason plans. He may be the fastest player on the team and has exceptional overall athleticism, skills that could translate into a solid defender. But his jump shot is a weakness, and questions remain about his ability to run the offense.

Crystal Ball: As much as the franchise likes Brewer and believes in his potential, it’s uncertain that he’ll be back.

Final Grade: Incomplete.