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Dennis Scott Discusses His Featured Interview with Paul George

by Scott Agness | @ScottAgness

November 8, 2013

NBA TV has brought back Inside Stuff, which last aired in 2005, and Pacers swingman Paul George is featured in the second episode – Saturday, Nov. 9 beginning at noon EST.

Former NBA player Dennis Scott spent a few hours with George at his Geist home back on Sept. 28, just as training camp opened. There, a casual interview took place in George’ back yard doing what he loves: fishing.

"I wanted Paul to be in his element,” said Scott. “If the air was out of the ball, what would Paul do just on a regular Saturday or Sunday afternoon, offseason and in season, and that's when they said fishing, and I said 'Perfect. I've went fishing maybe three times in my life.'"

Scott’s first takeaway was how sincere and genuine George is about fishing. “He's really a country boy at heart,” Scott recalled from their interview. “His family is originally from the South and they migrated to the West. To hear him say 'I'm really a country boy at heart with a Cali swag,' and that's who Paul George is.”

George is just 23-years-old and six games into his fourth season in the NBA. He’s recently heard MVP chants for the first time and has scored at least 21 points in each of their first six games – all wins. Growing, like most NBA fans, he was fascinated by Inside Stuff so he’s not only thrilled to see it back on the air, but honored to be a featured package.

"It was cool to be part of 'Inside Stuff' and for that to be back around,” George said. When I was little kid, that's what I was looking up to -- to see how guys were off the court. I think it's cool for the youth to bring that back around."

Like most NBA onlookers, Scott, who’s now an analyst, can’t help but be impressed with the numbers George is putting up while leading the Pacers to their first 6-0 start in NBA franchise history.

"When you watch him play, he's not a yeller or a screamer, but when you watch his game, it's very demonstrative,” Scott said. “He hits a big three, he crosses somebody up, he dunks, blocks somebody's shot, he gets a big steal ... his game speaks for him so much so he never has to be one of those guys that's in the media over-talking or saying this, that and the other. It was just very refreshing to see the guy just be laid back. When he gets out of practice, he wants to go get some Subway, come home and go fishing.

“I said, 'This is not right. You have all this money and you got nice cars in your driveway, you don't want to go to the club?' He was like, 'Nah. There's a time and a place for all of that. Right now, it's time for me to win a championship.' I just think it's great that there are some young men out there that get it and Pacers fans are lucky — they struck gold with Paul George."

That’s just the way he is. He would much rather be at home than out. He’s said multiple times previously that while he enjoys being out with friends, the club scene isn’t for him.

Because George signed his long-term extension with the team just three days prior, his father (Paul), mother (Paulette) and oldest sister (Teiosha) were in town. Scott got a chance to speak with them as well, allowing him to hear what George was like as a kid.

"Sometimes as a parent, you try to teach your kids right from wrong,” said Scott. “They said they never had a problem out of Paul. He was just one of those kids where it was like a guardian angel kept him out of trouble."

There are two highlights from his interview that Scott believes all NBA fans will want to see. First, George discussed his relationship with Larry Bird, the Hall-of-Famer and Pacers’ President. He also talked about his interaction with superstar LeBron James and the moment those two shared during one of their playoff battles last postseason.

"There's a big controversy on who really got who,” Scott said. “And the way he answered that question was perfect. It was so perfect where I said, 'Yes,' and with the way he's started the season, I said, 'I'm the luckiest guy in television that I got the chance to get the inside stuff on this young man's up-rise to stardom, to greatness."

George has gone from a good player, to the star of the Pacers and into the MVP conversation in a very short time. Right now, Scott appreciates how George is so consistent and not worrying about his numbers like other players might. He gets his by getting into the flow of the game.

"He can be a true stat-stuffer like LeBron, like KD, like those guys who are always talked about as MVP,” said Scott. “And on top of that, the Pacers should be competing with [Miami] for the best record in the East because that's what Frank Vogel's preaching.

"If Game 7 is in Indiana this year against whoever, Indiana probably wins."

For now, Scott believe Miami is No. 1 and Indiana is No. 2, with spots three through five being fluid. If Deron Williams can get his game back to where he’s a top point guard in the league, which he hasn’t been for a couple years, according to Scott, he thinks they could give the Pacers fits.

Elsewhere: "I had New York 5, they're off to a slow start, it looks a little funky so I don't know about the Knicks now,” he said. “After that, it's wide open. Detroit, Milwaukee, where else do you go after that?"

George moved into a Geist home late this past summer and he’s now about eight doors down from teammate George Hill. The duo typically rides to the Fieldhouse together and can be seen with a line cast on nice days.

Catch the interview at noon on Saturday, and if you do happen to miss it, they’ll likely post it online shortly thereafter.

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