Dennis Schroeder

Source: DraftExpress

June 26, 2013

Club: Braunschweig (Germany)
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 19
Points Per Game: 11.9
Assists Per Game: 3.3
Steals Per Game: .9
2P %: 43.6%
3P %: 40.2%

Dennis Schroeder was a standout not only for his German club Braunschweig, but also the German league in general. His play is similar to the other point guards joining the draft this year. Schroeder is considered to be the highest climbed international player from one year ago.

Schroeder's strengths include his speed and quickness, Schroeder has an exceptionally quick first step where he can use his ball handling abilities to freeze defenders and get into the lane. Last season the isolation and P&R attributed for 62.5 % of his offense. His passing ability makes him a threat to drive and kick to the spot up shooter or lob down low to the posting up big man. Schroeder can use both sides of the court and has great vision to find the open man. He is difficult to keep out to of the lane and that can lead to holes in the defense. Schroeder ability to guard his man 1 on 1 with high energy and constant intensity makes it difficult for his man to do anything offensively from the perimeter. Last season Schroeder hit 52.5% of his catch and shot J's and was 40.2% from beyond the arc. His potential, Schroeder is an American style athlete with European game, his speed, length and athleticism sets him apart.

Schroeder's weaknesses include shooting off the dribble, finishing at the rim, he is turnover prone, and a questionable character. Schroeder shot 30.6% off the dribble and doesn't make the defense pay for going under the screen. He is not a threat to pull up inside 15 ft making only 7-of-22 jumpers. He struggles with defensive length making only 51.1% around the rim, he gets blocked a lot because he tends to not go up strong with the ball. Has the ability to make impressive plays, turned the ball over 20.1% of his total possessions. Schroeder can be careless with the ball and can it ripped away due to lack of strength. On the court his body language can be poor which leads to questions about whether or not he can adapt to the life of an NBA player.

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