Dave Quear and Kevin McAdams

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A 111-mile Quest: Dave Quear's Walk for Kevin McAdams

by Scott Agness

October 4, 2012

Editor's Note: Members of the Indiana Pacemates will greet Mr. Quear at Garfield Park upon his arrival.

Dave Quear is a man on a mission. His good friend, Kevin McAdams, has been fighting for his life, diagnosed last year with Multiple Myeloma—a rare and incurable bone-marrow cancer.

The two are at similar points in their life—married and with one-year-old sons. Two seasons ago, they went to all the playoffs games against the Bulls and became hooked. Last year, Dave bought season tickets and he and Kevin went to more than 20 games together. (And they aren't shy about sporting team gear.)

However, during that year, a lot changed for McAdams. While helping Quear's mother move apartments, he felt weak and complained of back pain. After having Quear crack his back, he immediately collapsed in pain and later found out that three ribs were broken. And then they found the cancer.

The cancer McAdams has isn't curable, but treatment has gone well and the worst seems to be over. However, while tending to his health, McAdams lost his job as an apartment maintenance man at his complex and couldn't afford his family's apartment. McAdams' family—wife Jenell and their 16-month-old son, Kevin Jr.—were forced out and moved into Jenell's parents' home and are struggling to get out of a deep financial hole.

"Jenell's a nurse, and she's been doubling-up her shifts, working at multiple hospitals just trying to make any money she can—all the while being the primary care giver for their one-year old son," Quear explained.

After the last bit of chemotherapy, the focus will be getting back to normal. Seeing the struggle and burden placed on McAdams' family, Quear wanted to do something.

"Everybody's praying, wishing them well and all that, but nobody's really doing anything. So here it is."

For four days beginning October 3rd, Quear is walking from Louisville to Indianapolis with the goal of raising $20,000. He will make stops in Scottsburg, Seymour, Taylorsville and around Greenwood. Prior to his first steps in Louisville on the 111-mile journey, just over $3,000 had been donated.

According to Quear, the support has been outstanding, but he's hoping it translates into dollars to allow McAdams to bring his head above water. He has battled the cancer, and the prognosis is positive, but the weight of debt hanging over his family is heavy.

These two friends, and big Pacers fans, are blue collar workers. And McAdams, who will soon complete outpatient work, just wants his life back. Debt-free.

Quear is planning to complete the walk and his mission to aid McAdams Sunday, Oct. 7th at Garfield Park around 3 p.m. All are welcome.

Dave Quear is documenting his trip and providing upgrades of his journey on Facebook. Follow Dave Quear's journey on facebook.

To help, donate to Dave Quear's walk for Kevin McAdams.

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