Danny Granger against the Cavs in the preseason

Catching Up With Danny Granger

GameTime Magazine – Pacers v Bucks

January 5, 2013

Danny Granger is in his eighth season with the Pacers and with the exception of two preseason games, has not played due to left patellar tendinosis. He underwent a procedure shortly after the preseason and has been rehabbing ever since. The Pacers hope to have him back soon as he has been the team’s leading scorer the last five seasons.

How is your knee?

Granger: It’s coming along. I’m feeling better, starting to do more things. I’m just listening to the medical staff and rehabbing at their direction.

What has been the hardest part of the injury?

Granger: Patience. You want in the worst way to speed things up and get back out there, but you can’t risk any setbacks. I miss the games, the competition, helping the team.

You became a father last summer to twins (a boy, Jaxon, and a girl, Jade). What has that been like?

Granger: Awesome, really incredible. It’s hard to put into words to see yourself in this little person. My wife and I love it.

How has it changed you?

Granger: My life is now devoted to my children. It has made me more responsible.

What music are you listening to these days?

2 Chains.

You watch a lot of videos and movies. What have you seen lately and what do you recommend?

Granger: Django Unchained, it just came out, and for a DVD, Spartacus.

Q:‘DannyOke’ is a very popular in-game feature. What do you think of it?

Granger: I have a lot of fun with it. I think I sound very good.

You know you can't sing worth a darn?

Granger: Except that I can sing. Everybody thinks they can sing.

So you think you can be the next American Idol?

Granger: I know I can be the next American Idol!