Brad Miller: 'I Learned a Lot'

by Jeff Tzucker
by Conrad Brunner

May 3, 2002


"I expected to be on vacation that beginning of the year; April 17 at Charlotte was going to be (the Bulls') last game. But I'm just glad we got the opportunity to get into the playoffs, and the run we had, the games we had to win just to get into the playoffs. I think this team really grew together a lot and we've got something to build off now."

(What does this taste of the playoffs do for you?) "It makes you want to work even harder to come back for next season ready to go. It shows us to get that homecourt advantage, how big it can be in the playoffs. It's something we have to strive for and try for next year."

(Is the bar raised for next season?) "I think this time, the couple months after the trade, was development. We've figured out how to play together so now it's time to just play, no excuses, just play and win."

(What will you work on?) "Just add a lot of upper body strength, keep getting stronger. Everybody in this league gets stronger each year. You've got to keep up with that and keep getting better."

(What did you learn about yourself this season) "I learned a lot. This is my first year that I really was starting and played all the games. It's a big adjustment from being a backup. Now I know how physically demanding it is to be a starter so I've got to work that much harder to get physically ready for next season."

(What does the team expect from itself next season?) "Homecourt advantage is definitely going to be one of our goals, to get into the top four and keep improving. That's the thing, to get better together as a team."