Area55 Gameday

If you don’t know what a hash tag or trending topic is you might want to brush up on your social media knowledge. As of late the usage of Twitter, and other social media networks alike, has increased at rapid rates all around the country.

Twitter, what is commonly defined as micro-blogging, has become more of a way to stay in touch with friends and create conversations through the use of aforementioned hashtags, but as of late it has become the first source some run to for real-time news updates. And in addition to real-time news, it is a way to show fan appreciation for athletes and entire sports organizations.

Roy Hibbert’s Area 55 has gained close to 750 followers since the birth of the fan section last season, but even more notable many members of the area turn to Twitter to stay connected, brainstorm chant ideas and put their fandom out to the entire Twitter-verse to see.

El Pacero, the self-proclaimed biggest Pacer Fan ever, has over 1,000 followers and has been using Twitter for the past two seasons. He enjoys the attention he gets from his mass amount of tweets.

“My favorite aspect is to become friends with the other Pacer fans,” El Pacero said. “Everyday a new Pacers friend follows me and that means I have a new friend.”

For the outsiders prospective having a large amount of followers may be a null achievement, but for anyone who enjoys Twitter earning followers is an accomplishment.

“I feel the amount of followers and the people I follow show me the pulse of Pacers fans and lets me get to know people better,” El Pacero said. “Roy followed some of Area 55 and it was the greatest day of our lives. It made me somewhat scared to tweet, knowing Roy can see it all.”

The members of Area 55 make sure to share their membership within their Twitter bio’s. Colin Lott, a second year member, uses his Twitter to make predictions, share photo’s, and spread the word of the Pacers victories.

“I called that victory over Boston on Twitter,” Lott said when asked about the Pacers big win over the Celtics on the road.

But it’s not just Twitter. The members of Area 55 have utilized other areas of social media as well. Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare; all often times used to show how fanatic these are individuals are for the blue and gold.

Whether you have found yourself aboard the Twitter ship and answering that all-too-vague question of, “What’s happening?” or still on the sidelines waiting to dip your feet in, one thing is for sure: there is some sort of Twitter account for you to follow for your personal enjoyment, and in this case that of the Pacers and Area 55.

Be sure to follow the Pacers at and Area 55 at