Catching Hibbert

Georgetown is known for its big guys like Ewing, Mutombo, and Mourning. Is that why you played there?
Yeah, I wanted to learn from those guys since they have done so many things and were successful after they left Georgetown. Those guys taught me some good things on and off the court.

Did they come back during the summers and help your game?
They came back a lot. I played with Alonzo the most. Dikembe came by, and I have to say, he blocked my shot once and was like, “Get that out of my house!” I wear his number so he always gives me a little something for that. Patrick Ewing Sr. was around too. I look up to those guys.

At what point did you think you could play pro ball?
I was 6’9’’ in the eighth grade, so….

Do you have a special basketball memory from then?
Yeah. On my tenth birthday I got my first dunk. And they called a technical. In CYO they never have kids dunking. But I was really happy. Then I couldn’t do it for another month or two after that.

What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
My dad and I used to go fishing on the Potomac. We would go for long periods of time and never catch anything. But it was fun spending time with him on Sunday mornings.

Talk about your home life.
I’m an only child so we’re a close family. My dad works extremely hard as well as my mother. Obviously they were a very big part of my development as a student and as an athlete. My mom works at the Boys and Girls Club and that’s where I started playing basketball, bouncing the ball up and down the court. I grew up in there.

Are you still involved with the Boys and Girls Club?
I used to work as a counselor in the summers and I still go back and talk to the kids and sign autographs whenever I can. I want to be a person involved with the community.

You decided to stay your senior year at Georgetown. Why?
Senior year is one thing you can never get back. I love the fact that I graduated and walked across the stage with my classmates and teammates.

If you weren’t in the NBA, you’d be…?
Doing something in government. That was my major. Maybe you will see me as the first 7’2” presidential candidate someday!

How do you balance your personal and professional life?
Discipline. I try to make sure I separate time for basketball, family and church. They all helped me to get to where I am today.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I play Dance Dance Revolution. I like going to the movies, and I try to go to as many of my high school basketball and football games as I can because support and loyalty is key. I also love restaurants with interactive games.

Like what?
Skee ball. Sometimes I roll them up there and other times I just reach my hand out and drop it in. But don’t tell anybody that.

Watch for our Player Profiles this summer as we get to know a few Pacers up-close and personal. Roy Hibbert, the 7’2” center from Georgetown, was the 17th pick overall in the 2008 NBA Draft. Go to to read more player profiles.