90 seconds with David Stern

April 23, 2011

Pacers.com: "We're here with Commissioner Stern. I wanted to talk to you first and foremost about the Pacers and Bulls series, and what it is like having the Pacers back in the playoffs."

David Stern: "I always like coming to Conseco (Fieldhouse). It has really been an exciting series. The Pacers have played very well in all three games. Unfortunately, the Bulls are the number one seed in the east. That sometimes happens. This is a great city. It has been very supportive of the Pacers and Fever. It is nice to see a young team coming together like this."

Pacers.com: "Having the Pacers back for the first time in five years, there is a lot more intensity here in Conseco Fieldhouse. What is it like being back here with 18,000+ in the building?"

David Stern: "It's really quite a scene. This is one of the nicest - if not the nicest - building in the league. It is so compact. To be back here with the intensity, it is very exciting for the league. It is a great rivalry, Bulls and Pacers. It takes this entire Midwestern region alive with NBA basketball."

Pacers.com: "Final question. The young core of the Pacers makes for a very bright future. Your thoughts on the Pacers moving forward after this season?"

David Stern: "I'm very impressed with their roster. Their 'old man' is old man (Jeff) Foster at 31 (years old). They have an extraordinary bright future. They've got young guards. They have a young and improving center. (They have) good shooters. I think Danny Granger is an all-star, so it is going to be a great run for the Pacers."