Pacemates History

Since the Indiana Pacers first hit the hardwood in 1967, the Indiana Pacemates have been right there with them! Originally known as the Marathon Scoreboard Girls in the American Basketball Association, the squad evolved into an entertainment entity of the franchise in the 1972-73 season. Then, known as the Paul Harris Pacerettes, the squad presented fashion shows during selected timeouts and halftimes. In addition to providing in-house game entertainment, the Pacemates currently act as goodwill ambassadors to the community. The squad makes numerous appearances throughout the year for corporate, private, civic and charitable events on behalf of the Pacers. The Pacemates' program continued into the 1976-77 season, when the Pacers entered the National Basketball Association. A dramatic new dimension was added to the Pacemates' program when they were heralded as the first professional dance / cheerleading squad in the NBA.

Creatively, the Pacemates merged the magic of dance and the excitement of cheerleading into a kaleidoscope of entertainment. So innovative and organized was the Pacemates' program that similar groups began to appear on other teams. Squads such as the Los Angeles Laker Girls, Chicago Luvabulls and the New Jersey Nets' Cheerleaders could now be found in NBA programs throughout the country. However, it was the Pacers' Pacemates that were the trendsetters.

The Pacemates' excellent reputation for entertainment came to the attention of the NBA front office in New York City, who extended an invitation to the squad to perform at the NBA All-Star Game. This was the first time in NBA history that an invitation was extended to a professional cheerleading squad. The Pacemates continue to set the trend as they were also the very first NBA dance team to be invited to perform for U.S. and NATO troops stationed oversees on the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour in 2004 and 2005.

As the Pacers continue to succeed so does the Pacemates' program. Under sponsorship with Pepsi, the Pacemates continue their tradition of excellence in entertainment and commitment to the community.