2005-06 Pacemate Profile
Currently attending Ivy Tech State College
Student and part-time Certified Nursing Assistant
Most Embarrassing Moment:
During speech class of my freshman year of college, I was giving a speech on the health care industry and I…well, let’s just say for the rest of the semester, my classmates nicknamed me “Toot-Toot!”
Most Memorable Moment:
Graduating from high school and the next will be graduating from college!
One Thing Most People Don't Know About Me:
Most people do not know that I was born with 12 fingers. It is something that is hereditary and runs in my family. My mother and grandmother were born with 11 fingers and my great-grandfather with 12.
Where I See Myself in Five Years:
I will have my bachelor’s degree in public health, have an excellent job, and living comfortably. I will have my own place and definitely a more updated vehicle!