Hip-Hop Hoopsters

The Hip-Hop Hoopsters are a group of energetic, charismatic and talented young boys and girls who became a part of the Pacers’ game entertainment scene in 2005. These youngsters are the Pacers' answer to fans everywhere that enjoy the mainstream music of hip hop and R&B. Whether they “Lean Wit It/Rock Wit It” or “Walk It Out” on the home court, you are sure to be mesmerized by the talent of these dancers. The Hip Hop Hoopsters are all under the age of 10 and are students of Turning Pointe Academy of Dance.

Hip-Hop Hoopsters Photogallery

Pee-Wee Cheer Pals
The Pee-Wee Cheer Pals are a proud new addition to the Pacers’ game entertainment. These young cheerleaders debuted at the end of the 2006-07 season and were such a hit we brought them back as our newest junior team! These youngsters, all between the ages of 3-8, are high-powered gymnasts, cheerleaders and stunters with lots of performance experience for their young age. Their bubbly cute personalities shine through every high energy routine they perform! The Pee-Wee Cheer Pals are all students of Tiffany’s Cheer and Dance Studio in Greenwood, Ind.

Pee-Wee Cheer Pals Photogallery

For more information on any of Pacers Sports & Entertainment’s junior dance teams or to schedule them for an event, contact Michelle Duggan at (317) 917-2500 or mduggan@Pacers.com