You looking for Playoff Tickets?

There are two great ways to guarantee you 2013 Pacers Playoff Tickets…

  • Upgrade your package to an 11-Game Plan
  • Renew the same 6-Game Package you've had in the past


By just adding a few games for an 11-Game Plan for next season, you can receive the opportunity to purchase Playoff tickets. Here’s what you get…

Great benefits for the Playoffs…

  • Purchase Playoff Tickets – Opportunity to purchase half of the entire Playoffs including the NBA Finals at a season ticket holder rate.
  • BONUS SEATS - Complimentary bonus seats for your first round game of the Playoffs with your purchase of the Playoffs.
  • “Cheer Now, Pay Later” – You don’t pay until each round of the playoffs is complete.

Huge benefits for next Season…

  • Price Savings - Save more money per game than the 6-Game Plan throughout the 2013-14 Season.
  • Guaranteed Price Lock – Lock in 11-Game Package pricing from the 2012-13 for all of next season. You’re immune to any price increases!
  • Same Seat or Flexibility – Opt for one of our pre-selected 11-Game Plans and guarantee the same great seats for every game. Or, you can create your own 11-Game Plan!
  • Get the best games - These plans have the best games of the year.

We’re offering you a ton of cool perks with an upgrade to the 11-Game Package. All you need to do is purchase a few additional games for the 2013-14 Season. Or…


If the 6-Game Package is still the right one for you, we understand. It’s a great package even though it doesn’t include all the above perks! However, you will receive our Playoff Presale offer before each round of the Playoffs at the single game price. In addition, you will receive the following…

6-Game benefits for next Season…

  • Get the best games - These plans have the best games of the year just like this year.
  • Same seat - You can select one of our 6-Game Packs and receive the same seats every game.
  • Price savings - You will save by paying our regular game prices instead of premium game prices.

$50 DOWN???

Just put down a $50 per seat deposit by Friday, April 12 to upgrade to an 11-Game Plan or renew your 6-Game package. That’s it. The rest of your payments can be spread out over the next 9 months.

This is a no brainer offer. Upgrade or renew for only $50, and you’ll have the opportunity to see the Pacers in the Playoffs.

Call the Pacers at (317) 917-2827 or email to take advantage of this special offer! Thank you again for being a part of the team. We look forward to seeing you at the Playoffs.

Go Pacers!

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