Social Roundup November 11-17

Social Media Roundup

Here's what the Nuggets were Tweeting and Instagramming
last week:

Sunday, November 17:

Just play by the rules and eventually, you’ll win

Quincy Miller gets an early birthday shout-out for his big 2-1!

Saturday, November 16:

Quincy Miller and Wilson Chandler relax on the plane to Houston

Friday, November 15:

Danilo Gallinari and his dad, Vittorio, who is a former Italian basketball player and current sports agent.

J.J. Hickson works for what he wants

Wilson Chandler starts off his game day by signing a few autographs

Thursday, November 14:

Nate Robinson doesn’t wish he was a little bit taller

But Ty Lawson wishes he was a baller.

Wilson Chandler enjoys a nice game of Call of Duty and some mango lemonade with teammate, Nate Robinson.

Quincy Miller and The Denver Nuggets chow down on their day off Thursday.

Kenneth Faried dedicates his #TBT to his daughter, Kyra.

Wednesday, November 13:

Hey Ty, could you spare Quincy some lotion?

Where’s JaVale McGee with his water jugs when you need him? #Juglife

Wilson Chandler relieves some stress at Pepsi Center before the game against The Lakers on Wednesday.

Wilson Chandler relieves some stress at Pepsi Center before the game against The Lakers on Wednesday.

Quincy Miller is crushing hard on his #WCW, his girlfriend, Lola.

Tuesday, November 12:

Evan Fournier: Denver Nuggets shooting guard by day, New York fashion week model by night.

J.J. Hickson relives posterizing Marvin Williams during the game on Monday.

Evan Fournier advises his followers to turn on ESPN’s Top 10 because J.J. Hickson has quite the surprise for them…

It’s obvious that Danilo Gallinari is anxious to return to The Nuggets

So he took a trip to Sunset Ridge Elementary to discuss the importance of sports to the students.

Monday, November 11:

Wilson Chandler recognizes who the true heroes are in our country.

Jordan Hamilton dedicates a tweet out to the men and women who have fought for our country’s freedom.

Chris Marlowe spies on Danilo Gallinari during a one-on-one strengthening practice with coach Steve Hess.

J.J. Hickson is either a ‘sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare’. You decide.