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Nuggets Unveil New Alternate "Skyline" Jerseys

Blending past tradition with a modern look, the Denver Nuggets unveiled new alternate “Skyline” jerseys on Monday.

The gold jerseys feature the Denver skyline logo that was popularized by the Nuggets under coach Doug Moe in the 1980s. The Nuggets will wear the alternate uniforms for 18 home games during the 2012-13 season, including the Nov. 6 home opener versus Detroit.

"We chose to wear this at home rather than on the road to make sure our fans had an ample opportunity to see it," Nuggets president Josh Kroenke said. "The sun's always shining and the sky's always blue in Denver, so hopefully these jerseys reflect that."

In addition to opening night, here is a list of games that will feature the gold uniforms:

  • Nov. 9 vs. Utah
  • Nov. 15 vs. Miami
  • Nov. 25 vs. New Orleans
  • Dec. 3 vs. Toronto
  • Dec. 18 vs. San Antonio
  • Dec. 22 vs. Charlotte
  • Jan. 1 vs. Los Angeles Clippers
  • Jan. 9 vs. Orlando
  • Jan. 15 vs. Portland
  • Jan. 20 vs. Oklahoma City
  • Feb. 7 vs. Chicago
  • Feb. 19 vs. Boston
  • March 13 vs. New York
  • March 21 vs. Philadelphia
  • March 20 vs. Brooklyn
  • April 6 vs. Houston
  • April 17 vs. Phoenix

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