Nuggets forward Quincy Miller holds impromptu community giveaway

Denver homeless receive shoes, T-Shirts and other clothing
by Aaron Lopez

Upon returning from Las Vegas, Nuggets forward Quincy Miller contemplated the stack of boxes taking up space in his house.

The boxes were filled with T-shirts, shorts, shoes and other miscellaneous items he had accumulated through the years.

He could donate the clothes to his friends, but they already had plenty of their own. Instead, Miller had a better idea.

After coordinating a plan with his friend Lizzy Brodie, Miller gathered up the boxes and headed to the Denver Rescue Mission for an impromptu community event on a warm Sunday afternoon.

The response was immediate as Miller took pictures and signed autographs for nearly two hours. That was plenty of time to exhaust the inventory of clothes.

“I didn’t even know I was going to do it until that morning,” Miller said Tuesday.

“Why not give them to somebody who’s less fortunate? People were really appreciative. That’s what made me happy.”

Long before Miller arrived in the NBA in 2012, his mom instilled the importance of connecting with his community. Within a week of being drafted by the Nuggets, he made a surprise visit to a Denver Boys & Girls Club, where he proceeded to play dodgeball and basketball for a couple hours.

With two NBA seasons under his belt, his sense of community hasn’t changed.

“My mom made sure that I’m a servant of the people and a servant of the Lord,” said Miller, who has 13 siblings. “I was just trying to give back to somebody else and make somebody else’s day. People are always giving us stuff and talking good about us. I thought I should go out to the community and give back.”

Miller, 21, estimated that more than 100 people took part in his spontaneous giveaway.

“Quincy continues to embrace the Denver community by showing compassion for our most vulnerable neighbors,” said Deb Dowling, vice president of community relations and fan development for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

“We are so fortunate to have him on our team both on and off the court.”

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