Nuggets GM Tim Connelly Discusses NBA Draft on Kreckman and Harris Altitude Sports Radio

Nuggets GM Tim Connelly joined Kreckman and Harris on Altitude Sports Radio on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the team’s 13th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Diving into draft talks, Kreckman and Harris asked Connelly for his perspective on the depth of this year’s draft class and if Tim saw an opportunity to potentially move into a higher pick.

“I think it’s always difficult to move up in that area. Generally those picks stay with the teams that have them. There’s a unique situation where there’s a couple teams that have multiple picks. I think potentially there’s an opportunity to move up and certainly if there’s a guy or two that you’ve identify that would be we feel like would impactful we’re going to be aggressive and try to get that guy.”

What position are Nuggets looking to potentially draft? Kreckman and Harris then delve into what position the Nuggets could potentially be looking to draft, which Connelly gave this insight on what the Nuggets may be looking for in it’s next player:

“I think position is secondary. We’re fortunate when we look at our roster and we have stars in every position, certainly we struggle defensively. So, a guy with that skill set perhaps would be a little higher on our board than other teams. But I don’t think we’re position specific.”

A pick carries the potential to be traded for a different asset, Kreckman and Harris’ last question for the GM surrounded this scenario, asking Connelly if the Nuggets planned to keep the draft pick.

“That pick right now is not yet a player, it’s an asset. And once we take, he becomes a guy that we are fully invested in. At the point, we’re going to look at every possible scenario of how we can improve of team. If we can trade that pick for a guy that fills a bunch of needs, by all means we do so. I think whatever you do, it has to be an eye on today and on the long term with so many young, talented guys. You don’t want to skip a step into next year and lose the battle.”

Listen to the entire interview above.