Summer League Diary - Part 1

Quincy Miller gives fans a behind the scenes look at the 2014 NBA Summer League

Hey, Nuggets fans, Quincy Miller here. Thanks for checking out my Summer League diary where I’m planning on keeping you posted on how things are going out here in Las Vegas.

First and foremost, I just want to have fun and win a lot of games. Since I’ve been playing out here, we’ve never really won in Vegas, so that’s my main focus this summer. Whether I go out and score 20 or not, I want to help lead our team and do whatever is needed of me to make sure we end the day with a W.

This is my third year playing in the Las Vegas Summer League, and I’m really looking forward to embracing my role as a leader for this squad. I plan on using my past experiences to set a good example on the court, as well as doing the little things off the court like being the first guy on the bus every day and do the things the right way like a true professional.

We had our first practice today and I think it was very successful. We went over a lot of our plays and our coaches did a lot of teaching. There wasn’t a ton of actual playing, but I feel that we all learned and got better prepared for our first game tomorrow.

One of the biggest things to remember is that we are here in Vegas for basketball. I plan on taking it pretty easy and making sure that my mind and body are prepared to play big minutes, and the only way to do that is to be well rested and ready to go!

Alright, I’m off to get some lunch and check out the first day of games that are starting soon. Make sure you all tune in for our first game against Toronto tomorrow and go Nuggets!

- Q