Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler makes visit to Wall Street

Trip to New York was part of "Summer in Manhattan" program
by Aaron Lopez

Dressed neatly in a maroon suit, Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler looked right at home as he walked the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

His presence on Wall Street on June 26 was part of a three-day visit hosted by Marquez & Associates and Merrill Lynch.

Chandler was joined by Charlotte Hornets forward Alonzo Gee for the “Summer in Manhattan” program aimed at giving athletes a better understanding of the financial industry and their own fiscal future.

“It was a great experience,” Chandler said. “I was able to see how things work behind the scenes and learn more about wealth management, hedge funds, investments, fashion and the stock market. Those were some of things we tapped into.”

The “Summer in Manhattan” program was created in 2011 by Michelle Marquez, who specializes in working with professional athletes and entertainers.

In addition to visiting the NYSE, Chandler and Gee met with investment bankers, portfolio managers and other financial executives. The trip concluded with a breakfast with professionals in the fashion industry.

According to Marquez & Associates, the average retirement age for professional athletes is 35.

“We have short careers compared to other professions,” Chandler said. “It’s good to have a better sense of knowing how to manage your money and invest it wisely.”