LOPEZ: Media inaccuracies continue even after Anthony trade

L.A. Times the latest outlet to distort the facts of infamous wedding toast

It’s been two weeks since the Denver Nuggets made one of the most anticipated and talked about trades in sports history, yet a few journalists are still obsessed with the so-called events that led to Carmelo Anthony’s ultimate departure to the New York Knicks.

As Nuggets president Josh Kroenke mentioned during his candid press conference with executive VP of basketball operations Masai Ujiri immediately following the mega-trade with the Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves, there was an endless stream of misinformation and untruths in the six months leading up to the deal.

Despite a new era for the Nuggets, the occasional absurd and inaccurate reports continue.

In Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, NBA writer Mark Heisler wrote one of the most ridiculous things to date on a subject that already had been misreported ad nauseam.

There have been dozens of reports and blogs about the now-infamous toasts made by Amare Stoudemire and Chris Paul about joining forces with Anthony one day in the Big Apple as a response to the Big Three in Miami.

Despite all parties involved saying the toasts were in jest, Heisler – whom I doubt was invited to the wedding - insists on speaking for Paul, Stan Kroenke and others.
Heisler claims that Stan Kroenke was so upset about the toasts that he vowed to ship Anthony out as soon as humanly possible.

It's an absurd statement on many levels.

I have spoken with multiple people in attendance at the wedding – including Anthony, Stan and Josh Kroenke – about the toasts. Stan Kroenke clearly felt no ill will towards Paul, Stoudemire or Anthony and, by all accounts, laughed off the toast and joked about it during his own toast at the wedding.

Though Melo ultimately was traded as he requested, Stan Kroenke still thinks highly of Anthony and would never make a rash business decision based on the words of a few friends enjoying themselves at a wedding. Besides, the decision to ultimately trade Anthony rested in Josh Kroenke’s capable hands, not those of his father.

I might be a bit guilty of rehashing myself, but it’s annoying to read things in print that are so blatantly false. I pride myself on being a journalist – even as a self-professed homer/in-house beat writer for the Nuggets. I covered Denver sports for nearly 15 years with the Associated Press and Rocky Mountain News before joining Kroenke Sports Enterprises shortly after the Rocky folded. Stan Kroenke wanted a journalist with a true understanding of the local landscape to cover the Nuggets on a daily basis.

I’m obviously grateful for the chance to continue doing what I love – covering sports - in a city that I love. Maybe that’s why I take such offense when a few people in such a proud profession take unfounded shots at my bosses or team.

Numerous studies show that Americans are less likely to look to journalism for an accurate account of the news due to their mistrust of the mainstream media.

Heisler and all journalists – myself included – need to hold ourselves to a higher standard to regain that trust.

Aaron Lopez
Aaron J. Lopez is the primary writer for Nuggets.com, providing behind-the-scenes content, including feature stories and video for the site. Before joining the Nuggets in 2009, he spent 15 years covering Colorado sports for the Rocky Mountain News and the Associated Press. Follow him on twitter @Lopez_Nuggets. Aaron's full bio...

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