Kenneth Faried Draft Transcript

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you were drafted by Denver?
A: Oh no, not again. Just kidding. I was ecstatic. I was happy. I had a great feeling in Denver when I played in the (NCAA) tournament there.

Q: Do you own the Pepsi Center?
A: I feel comfortable. Owning? Not just yet. But I think I can make it there.

Q: Did the team give you any idea what kind of role you will play next season?
A: George Karl said, ‘We know how you play, we love how you play. I love guys with energy. We want to play fast. I love guys who bring energy, hustle and toughness. If you rebound, trust me, you’re going to find your way onto the court.’ That’s what he told me. I said, ‘All right.’

Q: What kind of impact can you make as a rookie?
A: I think I can make an immediate impact and fill a void. I think I’ll have an immediate impact just bringing hustle and toughness and a no-quit attitude to the whole team. They’re changing the face of the franchise to being defense-oriented but still scoring a lot of points.

Q: What number will you wear?
A: I’ll wear No. 35. That’s just a special number. I had this jersey since I was in high school. I went to college and had 35. I’m having it retired in high school. It’s a special number to me. All the hard work I’ve put towards this, I’ve worn 35, so I’ll wear 35 again.

Q: With no summer league, what will you do to improve your game?
A: I’m going to be in the gym 2-4-7 working hard and grinding hard. There’s nothing more to do. This is my job. It’s what I’ve worked for. It’s my livelihood. I’ve been working towards this all my life. I’ll be in the gym doing my thing.

Q: Why will you be a strong rebounder in the NBA?
A:I’m not scared. I have a never-quit attitude and I’m going to keep going until I come up with the rebound.