NBA Establishes Revised Arena Guidelines

NBA Fan Code of Conduct to be posted prominently in all NBA arenas

NEW YORK, Feb. 17 -- The National Basketball Association today issued to all teams a revised set of Arena Guidelines, according to NBA Deputy Commissioner and COO Russ Granik. The Guidelines include policies dealing with the deployment of security personnel, alcohol sales and a new Fan Code of Conduct.

The Arena Guidelines were prepared in consultation with NBA teams and arena operators, crowd management and security experts, law enforcement officials, members of the concessions industry and representatives of TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management).

The NBA Fan Code of Conduct, which sets forth expected standards of decorum for all fans attending NBA games, will be posted prominently in all NBA arenas, and public address announcements concerning some of its key elements will be made during each NBA game. Guests who fail to adhere to these standards will be subject to ejection and revocation of season tickets.

The new Guidelines also set forth minimum standards regarding the serving of alcohol, including the provision that alcohol be served only until the start of the fourth quarter, restrictions on the size (24 ounces) and number (two) of alcoholic beverages sold per individual customer, the training of arena personnel in effective alcohol management, and the maintenance of designated driver programs in each NBA arena.

The Arena Guidelines will go into effect for all NBA games beginning with the All-Star Game in Denver on Sunday, February 20.