ESPN Ranks Classic Nuggets Jersey in Top Ten All Time Best NBA Uniforms is back with their #NBARank series where they rank “everything under the sun.” In this edition, Paul Lukas at ESPN rates the top 10 NBA uniforms of all time. One particular Nuggets jersey landed in the ranking- the 1980s cityscape and rainbow striped unis once wore by Nuggets greats Alex English, Fat Lever and company.

Lukas placed these rainbow stripes at no. 7 in the all time rating in front of the Seattle SuperSonics 1970s classic jerseys at no. 8 and just behind the Indiana Pacers early 1970s racing stripes units at no. 6.

The Nuggets wore a replicated version of the 1980s jersey in their first home game of the season on Jan. 29, 2016 in celebration of Dikembe Mutombo’s jersey retirement.

Here’s what ESPN had to say about the Nuggets jersey:

“Hey, you know that rule about having to wear a number on the front of the jersey? Nobody said it had to be smack-dab in the center, right? If we made it smaller and moved it up and over to one side, we'd have room for all sorts of cool stuff, like an outline of the Denver skyline. But it needs something more to put it over the top. Hmmm. How about wraparound rainbow striping? Yes!”

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