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Carmelo chatted with the fans on NCAA Championship Monday
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On March 30, Carmelo Anthony scored his career-high of 41 points to lead the Nuggets to a 124-119 victory over the Sonics and his overall play has led the Nuggets to become one of the most improved teams in the league. His stellar performance all season long has made him a leading candidate for the got milk? Rookie of the Year.

He was drafted in the first round (third pick overall) by
the Nuggets in the 2003 NBA Draft fresh off his phenomenal freshman season where he led Syracuse to a national championship and earned the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four.

Carmelo has brought a beaming smile and a mean game to the NBA and has made an immediate impact. He is a five-time got milk? NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month and was named NBA's Western Conference Player of the Week (3/14). He also shares the top spot among rookie scorers with 20.9 ppg while grabbing 6.0 rpg.

Born in New York on May 29, 1984 but raised also in Baltimore, Maryland, the 6-8 forward joined the fans for a live chat on Monday, April 5, a year after he completed his college career triumphantly and at the end of his rookie season as the Nuggets make a push for the playoffs.

Carmelo received so many questions that he could not possibly answer them all but if you if you missed the live chat, you can read the transcript below.

Kansas City: Hey Carmelo this is your #1 fan Alisha and i wanted to ask how does it feel to be in the nba playin against all the great players?

Carmelo Anthony : It feels great. Playing against Shaq and Kobe and Tracy McGrady, going out there and playing against them is just terrific.

Megan Burnsville, MN: Did you watch the Syracuse game against Alabama and what did you think when they lost?

Carmelo Anthony : I only watched the first half. When I found out they lost I was real disappointed.

Jerell Lansing: Hey Carmelo are you enjoying your first year in the NBA? and was it a big transition move for you?

Carmelo Anthony : Oh yeah, I'm really enjoying my rookie season. The only thing I've got to get used to is the aches and pains. I need to get used to the beating my body gets in the NBA.

Lalee(Atlanta): Did you attend all the parties during All Star Weekend?

Carmelo Anthony : No. Only a couple of them.

Jonathon ,Pueblo CO: Whats up melo, what made u choose the number 15

Carmelo Anthony : My original number was 22 but when I went to Syracuse that was retired for Dave Bing, so I switched to 15 and then that become my number.

cleveland hts: carmelo, do you think you are going to get r.o.y. I think you've had a greater rookie season than lebron james

Carmelo Anthony : I don't know, We shall see when that announcment comes out. It'd be great to share it with him, but I heard that it can't happen, I doubt it will happen.

Pine Bluff: Whats tha deal wit u. I heard that u have a movie deal in tha works about ur life story. When will it be coming out.

Carmelo Anthony : We're still working on it. It's not final yet.

ramses, jersey city: Are you pulling for UConn and the Big East in the NCAA Championship game tonight?

Carmelo Anthony : Oh, yeah, because of the Big East.

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