Brandon Jefferson Q&A

Get to know the draft prospect out of Metro State
by Emily Wade

What would it mean for you to play for the Nuggets?

It would be a dream come true. I wouldn’t have to move, just come right across the street. It would be great.

What do you think your strengths are?

Definitely leadership. I can shoot the ball, pass the ball, great court vision, and my IQ is high.

What was it like to be named NABC Player of the Year?

It was amazing. Credit goes out to the hard work I put out for four years, coaching staff, and all [my teammates].

How did you think your workout went today?

I think it went well. I mean, I wish I would’ve finished that three-point drill at the end. Arms got tired, should’ve kept my mechanics, but I think overall the workout went well.

You’ve said you look up to Nate Robinson. What do you admire about him?

I watch State of Nate, his episodes on YouTube that he always does. Just knowing him, he’s a 5’9 guard but he’s explosive. I like his saying: “Heart over height.”

Do you have a message for Nuggets Nation?

Hopefully [Nuggets head coach] Brian Shaw and [GM Tim Connelly] will pick me up for the summer league [roster] so I can show them what I do.