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Have you ever wondered what size shoe Carmelo Anthony wears? Or whether or not Kenyon Martin has any pets? Have you ever wanted to find something out about your favorite Nuggets players that you just can't do without getting close enough to ask them personally? Well, here's your chance. will be asking your questions to your Nuggets throughout the season.

Submit your burning questions about anything to Just include your name, your hometown, the players' names and the questions that are on your mind. We'll check the mailbox on a daily basis and get the answers posted here in the Answer Archive each and every month.

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Marcy of Aurora asks: Kenyon, how many tattoos do you have, and which one means the most to you?

Kenyon Martin: I have like 19 or 20 tattoos. All my tattoos mean a lot to me, but my son's face on my right bicep is probably my favorite.

Rick of Denver/Encino asks: Earl, when you were with the Clippers and now with the Nuggets, you became a crowd favorite very quickly. Can you hear the crowd buzzing when you touch the ball, or are you so focused on the game that you hear no outside noises?

Earl Boykins: I can definitely hear the crowd when I enter the game for the first time. But during the course of the game, I tend to block it out. When I do hear the crowd cheering for me though, it feels really good to know they're supporting me.

Don and Karen ask: Earl, who most inspired you to play basketball when you were growing up?

Earl Boykins: Without a doubt, my dad was the biggest inspiration to me as far as basketball is concerned.

Hope from Castle Rock asks: Carmelo, what is your favorite song right now?

Carmelo Anthony: Man, that's a tough one. I guess I'd have to say "Where I'm From" by Game.

Tim in New York asks: Carmelo, why and when did you begin wearing a headband?

Carmelo Anthony: I've been wearing headbands since I was about 10 or 11 years old. I don't know what it was, but I've just always had to have something on my head. I used to rip sleeves off of T-shirts and wear them around my head. Sometimes I'd wrap handkerchiefs around. I just always needed something on my head.

Hope from Castle Rock asks: Carmelo and Kenyon, what size shoes do you guys wear?

Carmelo Anthony: I wear size 15, and Kenyon ... hey K-Mart, what size shoe do you wear?
Kenyon Martin replies: 14's
Carmelo Anthony: And Kenyon wears size 14.

Daniel from Fresno asks: Eduardo, I am always told that I am weird because I put hot sauce on everything, even Chinese food. Seeing that you are from Mexico, do you put hot sauce on everything as well?

Eduardo Najera: I put hot sauce on everything. Not on ice cream or anything like that, but I do put it on all normal foods. It's clear that you've got a little bit of Mexican in you.

Abby of New Jersey asks: Marcus, what are your three favorite cities to play in, and why do you enjoy playing in those cities?

Marcus Camby: One is New York. I live in New York in the offseason and I'm from Connecticut originally, so it's easy for my family and friends to come see those games. Two would be Los Angeles. I love playing in L.A. because the majority of my other family lives there. We get to play the Clippers and the Lakers a couple times each year, so I have to get like 20 to 25 tickets every time we go out there. And my third favorite is probably New Jersey just because it's also close to my home and it gives people a chance to come

see me at those games as well.

Ty from Scottsbluff asks: Kenyon, what is your favorite shoe of all-time?

Kenyon Martin: My favorite shoe of all-time, as far as styling is concerned, is probably the Air Jordan V's with the "23" on the back.

Katie wants to know: Earl, do you prefer Krispy Kreme doughnuts or Winchells doughnuts?

Earl Boykins: I’d have to say Krispy Kremes only because I’ve never had Winchells before.

Laura in Holyoke asks: Hey Earl, what do you plan to do after you retire from being a basketball player?

Earl Boykins: I plan to spend time with my family and just disappear.

Lee wants to know: Andre, how often do you practice lob-passes with Marcus Camby?

Andre Miller: Never. It isn’t really something that you need to practice. It’s just all about eye contact.

Chris is wondering: Andre, which hairstyle do you think you play better with, the cornrows or the afro?

Andre Miller: Neither. I need to get myself a haircut because I think I play better with no hair.

Kyra of Denver asks: Kenyon, who is your favorite musical artist? And who is your favorite actor/actress?

Kenyon Martin: My favorite artist of all-time…probably Jay-Z. Right now though, it's Bun B. My favorite actor is Al Pacino and my favorite actress is Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Pat would like to know: Kenyon, what’s your biggest fear? Spiders, heights, or anything along those lines?

Kenyon Martin: Motorcycles. I don’t fool with motorcycles.

Nia from Baltimore asks: Carmelo, what's your favorite place to go in Baltimore?

Carmelo Anthony: My favorite place to go is probably the restaurant Moe’s Crab and Pasta Factory.

Shawn in New Jersey wants to know: Carmelo, how long have you been growing your hair?

Carmelo Anthony: I had cornrows back in high school, until I cut my hair. Then I started growing it back towards the end of my senior year, and I’ve had it like this ever since.

Andre from Lakewood asks: Eduardo, what are your plans after basketball?

Eduardo Najera: My goal is to become the greatest head coach in all of the NBA.

Kevin would like to know: Carmelo, where does the name 'Carmelo' come from?

Carmelo Anthony: It’s from my dad. It’s Spanish.

Paige is wondering: Carmelo, why do you wear the number 15?

Carmelo Anthony: I used to wear the number 22, but when I got to Syracuse it was retired for Dave Bing. My choices were between 15, 14 and 32, so I picked 15.

Danielle from Aurora asks: Marcus, what's your favorite car that you own?

Marcus Camby: Wow, that's a tough question. My 1964 Lincoln Continental is probably my favorite. I have a lot of cars, but that is probably my favorite because it’s old school. I restored it and put a lot of time into it.

Jennifer in Longmont wants to know: Marcus, what do you do to relax and just get away from the game of basketball?

Marcus Camby: I spend a lot of time at home with my family. I spend a lot of time with my daughter. Raising kids is the fulltime job, basketball is just a hobby.

Scott is wondering: Carmelo, who was your favorite basketball player when you were growing up?

Carmelo Anthony: My favorite ball player was Bernard King.

Adam of Highlands Ranch asks: DerMarr, do you have any close friends in the NBA that play on other teams?

DerMarr Johnson: Yeah I do. I'd probably say Shareef Abdur-Rahim on the Kings and Ira Newble on the Cavs are my closest friends. They both played with me in Atlanta during my first couple years in the league.