Rocky Cheers on Nuggets

Mascot begins 12th season with club
Ever since he was a young “cub”, Rocky the Mountain Lion has been looking for new ways to have fun, interact with people and generally see what he can get away with. As he enters his 12th season cheering on the Nuggets, Rocky’s playful nature and warm heart continue to stand out. And while he doesn’t talk at games or appearances, Rocky did take some time from his busy schedule recently to give us his thoughts about the upcoming season

“I love to make people laugh,” Rocky said before a recent Nuggets game. “The stunts, skits and other comedy are all important to me.” Fans have seen him do everything from acrobatic slam dunks, to back flips to summersaults over Nuggets Dancers and Rocky enjoys every minute of it.

“Coming to a Nuggets game is great entertainment and I’m out there to make it even more enjoyable for the fans,” he said.

Rocky said one of his favorite stunts was sledding down the steps at the arena. He’s currently taking up snowboarding for the coming season and encouraged fans to keep an eye out for him this season as he brings his new-found skill to Pepsi Center.

Being in the middle of the action all the time, Rocky’s had opportunities to make friends with many playful NBA greats. He said that he enjoyed the times Charles Barkley came to town because the future Hall of Famer would always wrestle with him, play along and entertain the fans. “Sometimes it got a little rough, but it was all in good fun,” Rocky recalls. Among current NBA players, Rocky enjoys teasing Karl Malone and Shaquille O’Neal. “Karl’s starting to be quite playful, but you never know about Shaq. Sometimes he’s in a playful mood and sometimes he’s not.”

Rocky said that while he’s always trying to have fun with the players, officials and fans, he’s occasionally gotten into trouble, but most people laugh it off. “The referees don’t like it when I make fun of them or move the ball during a time-out, but they always smile and tell me not to do it again and I’ll nod OK. Of course, that lasts until the next whistle or time-out,” he says with a sly grin.

Like all Nuggets fans, Rocky said he wishes Antonio McDyess a speedy recovery. The Nuggets mascot, who’s had his share of injuries over the years, knows what it’s like not to be able to get out there in front of the crowd. “I plan to go over and cheer up Antonio some time real soon. We all want him to get back on the court as soon as possible.”

One of the most loved and recognized mascots in the NBA, Rocky’s made friends with several of the mascots from other teams including the Sasquash from Seattle, the Gorilla from Phoenix and the Bear from Utah. These and many more mascots are expected at the Pepsi Center in March for Rocky’s annual birthday party.

Rocky has become an integral part of the Denver community, making personal appearances around the city for organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Nuggets Stay In School Foundation, and other well-known charities and organizations. To book Rocky for a personal appearance that will not only be fun and enjoyable, but certainly memorable, call the Denver Nuggets at (303) 405-1197.