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2005 Nuggets Pick ’Em and Win Draft Contest

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the Nuggets' first ever Pick 'Em and Win Draft Contest. There were officially 119 entries submitted to this year's contest in under one week's time. Unfortunately, not a single entry of the 119 was able to correctly predict all 14 Lottery selections, which ultimately means that none of the entries had the entire first round correctly predicted either. In other words, there will be no season tickets awarded this year.

However, as a consolation prize the Nuggets are giving away 2005-06 regular season single-game tickets to the top finishers in this year's contest. Listed below are the names of the 10 lucky winners. Each person will be receiving two single-game tickets to a Nuggets game during the 2005-06 regular season. Be sure to check the list to see if your name is on it. If so, you should have already been notified by email that you are a winner. However, if you have not yet been notified, please email for further details.

Thank you for your participation in this year's Pick 'Em and Win Draft Contest. The Nuggets will most likely be holding this contest once again next year, so begin doing your research now. Get to know the prospects in next year's Draft, as well as the needs of the NBA teams looking to draft them. Taking your time to get in the mindset of an NBA General Manager will help your chances greatly during next year's contest. Remember, this is for a free set of Nuggets season tickets, so do your best!

Click here for Official Contest Rules

Pick 'Em and Win Final Prize List
Name First Round Selections
Correctly Predicted
Marcus Baikie 11
Brian Dyet 9
Josh Cassatt 8
Stan Dupuy 8
Neil Moran 8
Arturo Alvarado 7
John Beshears 7
Justin Hanus 7
James Paco 7
Gabriel Rivera 7