Dancer Finalist Q&A: Stephanie

How long have you been dancing for?

I’ve been dancing for 15 years.

Why did you start dancing?

I saw my cousin doing it and I loved the costumes, the make up, all the hair – I have a lot of hair.

Why did you try out for the Denver Nuggets Dancers?

Actually, my cousin tried out too. She was on the team, and ever since then I’ve just been in love with… I watch the girls more than I watch the game sometimes.

What’s your favorite part about being a Denver Nuggets Dancer?

I think just creating the relationships with all the girls. We still talk to every single one, regardless of where they move. Just the lifelong friendships I’ve had with these girls.

What’s your favorite memory of being a Denver Nuggets Dancer?

Probably opening night. Standing under the basket waiting to go onto center court, it was the most amazing feeling ever.

Do you remember what it was like when your number was called the first time you made the team?

I had to make sure it was called. I looked down, and I saw the audition video and you can see me double-check it.

Do you have any advice for young dancers who want to be a Nuggets Dancer?

Just follow your dreams. It took me three times to try out and make the team, so just keep going for it.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Just put my heart on the dance floor.

What is something nobody else knows about you?

I have a small obsession with penguins. Small. It’s small.

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