Nuggets provide lift for bummed Denver sports fans

Dramatic finish against Clippers raises spirits around town
by Aaron Lopez

When the Nuggets took the court Monday night, a pall remained over downtown Denver in the wake of a Super Bowl letdown.

Kenneth Faried, Randy Foye & Co. did their part to lift the city’s spirits.

Faried scored a career-high 28 points and Foye set Twitter afire with his buzzer-beating 3-pointer that KO’d the Los Angeles Clippers at Pepsi Center.

A sampling from Twitter following the game:

“Randy Foye . . . easing the post Super Bowl blues in Broncos Country just a little bit.” - @PredomOrange

“Broncos fans if you want to cheer up and feel better watch the end of the Nuggets vs clippers game last night.” - @KingNegronidas

“Nuggets fan as long as I’ve been in Denver, but tonight’s victory meant something more because of the Broncos Super Bowl loss.” - @BandwagBroncos

When the social media buzz made its way into the Nuggets’ locker room, Faried flashed a smile and expressed his thoughts on helping to improve the mood within the Denver sports community.

“I’m excited we were able to (make) amends for Denver,” he said. “We came out focused and locked in on wanting to win the game. It’s like catching a game-winning touchdown. We basically made the game-winning play with Randy’s 3. That felt good. I think it really helped lift the city up.”