Marlowe blog: Gold is the theme for Nuggets in preseason

by Aaron Lopez

Andre Iguodala … new Denver Nuggets’ uniforms … and Missy Franklin all have one thing in common – gold!

Nuggets newcomer Andre Iguodala won a gold medal at the recently concluded 2012 London Olympic Games. If you haven’t seen him play, get ready to watch the best two-way player to hit the Rockies since Bobby Jones!

Yes, Bobby Jones. For those of you that don’t remember, Bobby played offense AND defense in the same game! What a novel idea.

Jones was a big star in Denver in the mid 70’s, later with the Philadelphia 76ers, and finished his career as an eight-time All Star, and an NBA Champion. He was the type of defender who would block shots, move without the ball, hustle back on defense, tip passes, dive after loose balls and give up an open shot so a teammate could get a better one.

Bobby played hard and was honest to a fault. In one game late in the fourth quarter, one of the officials called a foul on one of Jones’ teammates. Bobby went up to the referee and told him it was he who had committed the foul and not his teammate. The trusting ref changed the call and assigned the foul to Jones, his fifth of the game.

Iguodala is just what the doctor ordered for the Nuggets. Like Jones, he plays offense and defense with equal passion. He runs the floor, hustles, and is very unselfish. He is a leader.

Can he be the next Bobby Jones for the Mile High Crew? Let’s hope so.

I saw the Nuggets new gold uniforms at Media Day, and they looked snazzy. It was a golden moment for owner Josh Kroenke as he asked the some of the fellas to model the new garb. In walked JaVale McGee, Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, Iguodala, and Ty Lawson, all with big smiles on their faces. Can you say starting lineup?

I asked JaVale why he was the only Nugget wearing gold shoes with his gold uniform and he replied: “I’m always prepared.” Nice.

By the way, the Nuggets will wear their golden uniforms 18 times this season. None of them, however, will be against the hated LA Lakers. Aw!

Recently, I’ve had a chance to meet and get to know Olympic Gold medal swimmer Missy Franklin. As you may know, Missy won 4 gold medals and a bronze in London.

As you may not know, I won a gold medal in volleyball in Los Angeles in 1984.

Missy and I have co-hosted two post Olympic events, one in Centennial and the other at the Greenwood Athletic Club in Greenwood Village. Both were fun and enlightening. Missy is a wonderful girl, tremendously poised and very well spoken. She is also determined, and has already begun training for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

I mention Missy because she and her family are coming to the Pepsi Center for the Nuggets/New Orleans game on Nov. 25.

I am told that it will be a “festive occasion”! Olympic Gold Medalist Missy will hand out the game ball to Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Iguodala. And taking it all in from courtside will be another Olympic Gold Medalist – me.

Can’t wait!