Dancer tattoos, fleet-footed journalists among mailbag topics

It’s a new era in the history of Denver Nuggets basketball and a fresh start for the Ask A-Lo mailbag.

Thanks to everyone for their questions and feedback over the past several weeks. Even if your question isn’t included below, I will be sure to send you a personal e-mail reply, so keep those queries and comments coming.

Let’s get to it.


Do you believe Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson can coexist, as some Denver writers so strongly doubt? I believe that the potential is there for Ray and Ty to tear up the opponent as a tandem with their speed and tenacity.
- Paul, Pueblo


Maybe you should work for TNT because your analysis is proving to be more than just hopeful optimism. With Lawson starting and Felton coming off the bench, the Nuggets have become a passing juggernaut, averaging 25.6 assists in their first 10 games with both point guards.

Denver coach George Karl is a big fan of sharing the ball, and he hasn’t hesitated to pair Felton and Lawson together for long stretches. Playing time hasn’t been a problem, either; both North Carolina products are averaging more than 30 minutes a game since joining forces.

Their success and production provide a perfect rebuttal to a newspaper column written after Felton and Lawson played their first game together. A respected and talented columnist said there wasn’t enough room in Denver for both point guards and that one of them needed to be traded by the June 23 NBA Draft.

Let that be a lesson to aspiring sports writers out there. There’s inherent danger in jumping to extreme conclusions.


About the article you wrote "Media inaccuracies continue even after Anthony trade" – why even bring it up? No. 15 is gone. Let it go. All true Nugget fans such as myself, don't care to read this kind of material. I started, then stopped. I read most of your articles and enjoy them.
- Joey, True Nuggets fan since the drafting of David Thompson


Thanks for the e-mail. I appreciate your honesty.

While I agree that we have to “let it go” when it comes to most things Melo, I think it was important to once again set the record straight about Stan Kroenke’s reaction to Chris Paul’s infamous toast at Anthony’s wedding .

L.A. Times columnist Mark Heisler is one of the best writers in the country and I enjoy his work, but I think even he would admit that he went a little overboard by saying Kroenke “stomped out” and told the Nuggets to trade Anthony after the toast.

As we have come to learn, that was hardly the case. Melo wanted out and the Nuggets eventually granted his wish without compromising their own future.


I’ve been to several Nuggets games over the past couple years and have noticed that the Nuggets dancers don’t have any tattoos, which is unusual given the popularity of ink in the NBA. Does the dance team have a no-tattoo policy?
- Taylor, Broomfield


Very astute observation.

I talked to Amy Jo Wagner, who is the coordinator and choreographer for the Nuggets Dancers, and she said that most of the squad members have small tattoos on their wrists, ankles or back of their necks, so they are not visible during the games.

During annual auditions, Wagner tells perspective dancers that any large tattoos must be covered with makeup if they show under the uniform.

And in case you were wondering . . . the dancers can wear jewelry during games as long as they are studs. This includes earrings, nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings and belly button rings.


Who would win in a 100 meter race between you and Denver Post Nuggets writer Benjamin Hochman?
- Jon-Michael, Aurora


How's your slap shot? I covered Avs defenseman John-Michael Liles for three years. Good dude.

As for your question, I'm guessin it was inspired by Benjamin’s mad dash through the Pepsi Center hallway. Benjamin and I were spirited rivals when I worked at the Rocky Mountain News, and it would be great to go head-to-head again in another arena.

As a former three-sport letterman in high school (cue Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days”), I honestly believe I would defeat Benjamin in a sprint without breaking a sweat. I told Benjamin as much in an e-mail and he responded with a veritable stand-up comedy routine.

“Lopez? More like Slow-pez. I could beat him in stilettos.
I’m so fast, I once went for a jog, and a cop gave me a speeding ticket.

My 40 time is pi.
I’m so quick, I just stopped in your house for a snack, and you didn’t even see me (Incidentally, where do you keep the mustard?).
My nickname in high school was Benjamin “Man That Dude Is The Fastest Person I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life” Hochman.
Ha, I’m just kidding. I’m actually pretty out-of-shape and slow. I’d love to race Lopez, though, to see who’s the Ty Lawson of the Nuggets media…”

I did some research and found out that when Benjamin was in high school, they timed him with a sundial. I can’t wait to get our race on video and post the footage on

In the meantime, I want to hear more from you, the fans. Send any questions, comments or ideas to me at and be sure to follow me on Twitter, @Lopez_Nuggets for in-the-huddle updates at all Nuggets home games.

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