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Nuggets Q&A: John Jenkins

Corey Brewer represents Denver connection for Vandy guard

When John Jenkins first met Corey Brewer, he was awed by his height.

Jenkins was a 6th grader from Hendersonville, Tenn., less than 20 minutes down the road from Brewers hometown of Portland. Brewer was a McDonalds All-American who dropped by the gym to play some pickup games.

Ever since then, weve just been talking to each other, and hes helped me out a lot, Jenkins said. At that time, I was so young. To get to know him, its been a blessing.

On Tuesday, it was Jenkins turn to make a first impression as he went through a predraft workout for the Denver Nuggets, who just happen to be Brewers current NBA team.

Jenkins, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard, was one of the nations top three-point shooters at Vanderbilt last season, hitting 43.9 percent of his shots from beyond the arc. He also averaged 19.9 points and was named to the All-SEC first-team for the second straight year.

After his workout, Jenkins spent a few minutes with

Q: First off, have you ever been to Denver before? I know its a quick stay but what are your thoughts so far?

A: Yeah we played here in the tournament a couple years ago; it wasnt a good memory for me though. We lost to Richmond here in the first round. It was still cool. Its a great place. The air is kind of thin, but I made sure to run on the treadmill last night to try and get adjusted to it.

Q: You are known for your three-point shooting ability, what would you say are your other strengths?

A: Im an overall smart player; Ive worked really hard on my defense lately and have been trying to prove that out here. Of course, shooting and just being a great teammate.

Q: What is the number one thing you want to improve on this summer?

A: Continue to get better, just my progress through the years of getting better. Ball handling can be one thing that I can improve on. Extending my range and shooting off the dribble are other things.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Nuggets team? Did you follow them this year at all?

A: Of course, Corey Brewer is like my brother. We grew up about 20 minutes away from each other, if that.

Q: What did Corey say to you before today?

A: He said just to go out there and play hard and impress. He didnt really say anything else.

Q: Coach George Karl and the Nuggets obviously have an uptempo offense. How do you think your game fits into that?

A: At Vanderbilt we played that same kind of game, my last year especially. We were really atheletic, so we just went up and down. Its the type of pace I like to play.

Q: How have you been preparing for the NBA draft? What would you say is your daily schedule?

A: This is my first workout, so I broke the ice today. I have been in Santa Barbra working out with BDA, my agency, just going really hard down there.

Q: How hard of a decision was it to leave Vanderbilt early and enter the draft?

A: It was the toughest of my life. It was real tough. I didnt want to do it at first, but I looked at all the options and it was the right time for me to go.

Q: What is your schedule between now and the draft?

A: Im just going to be working out in Santa Barbara. We have a combine there Thursday ( May 24) and then after that I will just schedule more workouts.