George Karl's Player List: Fastest

Denver Nuggets coach selects the most gifted athlete in his 24 NBA seasons
by Aaron Lopez

From All-Stars and role players to future coaches and future Hall of Famers, Denver Nuggets coach George Karl has worked with hundreds of players over the course of 24 NBA seasons.

The Who’s Who list includes names such as Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, World B. Free, Allen Iverson, Chris Mullin and Gary Payton.

With such a vast array of players to choose from, asked Karl to access his mental database and fill in a variety of categories, including the smartest and most talented players he’s ever coached.

In the second installment of the video series, Karl talked about the fastest player he’s coached, which also led to a conversation about the best passer.

Are they one in the same?

Watch the video to find out.