Rookie Diary: Life on the road second nature for players

Nuggets rookie forward Gary Forbes is making a name for himself after arriving at training camp as a relative unknown. The former Atlantic 10 Player of the Year started four games early in the season and is averaging 4.7 points despite playing just 11.2 minutes per game. Using as his forum, Forbes will periodically share his thoughts on life as an NBA rookie.

Feb. 16, 2011

Checking in from the road before the All-Star break. Even though I love basketball, I think everybody needs a little time off before we make that final playoff push. We still have one more game in Milwaukee, so we have to take care of business before we get a little vacation.

I’m heading home to Brooklyn for the break. I’ll get four days with my family and I’m planning to watch my high school team Bannaker play in the playoffs.

Traveling has become pretty much second nature for me. We flew commercial when I played in college and in the D-League, but we never had any horror stories of being stuck in rundown hotels or anything like that. The worst I can remember is being stranded overnight in Minnesota, but even that wasn’t too bad. Of course, things are a lot nicer in the NBA. We take charter flights to every city and the hotels are first-class. It’s a nice reward for all the hard work we’ve put in to get to this level.

People are always asking me what we do on the road when we’re not practicing or playing. I keep a pretty low profile. I’ll do some shopping, talk on the phone, watch movies, things like that.

I love cities with trains and subways. Growing up in New York, I never needed a car, and so I still haven’t bought one in Denver. I grab a cab around town and Al Harrington gives me a life when I need a ride to the airport. I repay Al by doing some rookie duties – carrying his bags, grabbing him some food. Nothing too extreme.

Maybe next year I’ll get my own rookie to act as my chauffer.

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