Coaches Corner

With more than 75 years of experience, the Nuggets coaching staff collectively has seen, analyzed and dissected just about every situation imaginable on a basketball court.

In an attempt to mine some of that knowledge, has created “Coaches Corner,” a video feature that will appear regularly throughout the 2010-11 season.

Coach George Karl and assistants Adrian Dantley, John Welch, Melvin Hunt and Chad Iske will share their philosophies on topics ranging from defending the pick and roll to whether to foul intentionally with a three-point lead in the game’s closing seconds.

In this installment, Iske discusses his philosophy on whether to foul or play out the 24-second shot clock when trailing in a one-possession game late in the fourth quarter. Several NBA teams this season have opted to go for the defensive stop, only to see the strategy backfire, either by allowing the opposition to score or not having enough time left to counterattack at the other end.

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Nuggets assistant coach Melvin Hunt discusses his views on the concept of getting two shots at the end of a quarter while the opposition gets one – or, more simply, the “2-for-1.