Nuggets Facebook Photo Caption Contest

The Denver Nuggets are asking fans on Facebook to show their creativity by submitting their best photo captions. This week's winner is Sarah Struble, who offered her thoughts on what this Denver Nuggets Dancer was thinking during a Jan. 19 game at Pepsi Center.

Oh yeah, Birdman? Check out this mohawk!!

For a chance to have your caption featured on, follow the Nuggets on Facebook and look for a new picture each Monday. Then check back to to see the weekly winner.

If you need inspiration, check out this photo gallery of Nuggets coaches through the years.

Past contest winners:
Tony Gleason on Doug Moe and Jack Nicholson.
Don Cartagena on Anthony Goldwire and Priest Lauderdale.
Scott Funk on Nick Van Exel.
Richard Gomez on Ryan Bowen and Raef LaFrentz.