Birdman’s Got Big Game and Even Bigger Hair

Birdman gave himself a pat on the hair. With a gentle tap to make sure his golden locks were still in place, Chris Andersen smoothed the top of his own head. He blocked another shot. He’s been blocking lots of shots lately. But it’s not his hair that defends the Nuggets’ basket.

“It’s got nothing to do with my game,” says Andersen. “I’m really just concentrating on winning right now and trying to take care of business.”

VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: Chris Andersen's Block of the Night - Mar. 5 vs. Portland

Some nights, Birdman pulls his hair back slick like Dracula. Some nights, his hair stands spiked in a shark’s fin like a faux-hawk. “Eventually, I’ll come back out with another faux-hawk or mohawk.”

After he removes his sweat band and showers, Chris Andersen’s hair is relaxed and towel combed. Like loosening a tie after a long day at the office, Andersen lets his hair down after managing the Nuggets’ defensive lane. “Business is over. It’s time to go back home.”

Teammate Chauncey Billups does not care how Andersen styles his hair, “It’s always Birdman; he’s always Bird to me. But whatever he did tonight, I hope he does it again.” On that particular night, Andersen blocked seven Lakers’ shots; his hair was swept back with Spiker, Birdman’s hair product of choice.

Birdman does not put too much thought into how he styles his mop before tipoff. “It’s just getting long, so I’ve been pulling it back.”

Despite how Birdman styles his hair, his hustle has been constant.

As of Mar. 11, Andersen is averaging 2.30 blocks per game, which is 2nd best in the NBA, and all in just 19.5 minutes per game. That’s an impressive 5.66 blocks per 48 minutes, which currently leads the entire NBA. Six times this season, Andersen has blocked five or more shots.

But blocking shots is not the only thing that Birdman has been doing this season. Through 54 appearances, Andersen has averaged 5.8 rebounds per contest and actually leads his Nuggets squad in rebounds per 48 minutes in the process (14.2). He’s had six 10-rebound performances on the year, as well as three point/rebound double-doubles.

LEFT: Andersen can be intimidating when rocking the faux-hawk.
RIGHT: Birdman blocks everything with the slick-back look.