Q&A: Arron Afflalo

Afflalo, one of Denver's latest additions, looks forward to becoming a Nugget

After losing Dahntay Jones to the Indiana Pacers this offseason, the Denver Nuggets needed a player that can focus on defending the opposing team’s best perimeter player. On Jul. 13 the Nuggets traded for Arron Afflalo, a good defender who is also progressing well on the offensive end.

Entering his third year in the NBA, Afflalo now joins the second team of his career and caught up with him to ask how it will be to team up once again with Chauncey Billups. Having already played alongside Chauncey Billups in Detroit, what do you think of him as a player/teammate?

Afflalo: He is a great teammate. Chauncey always stays positive which is great to be around. He does what it takes to win. Beyond his play on the court he’s a great person and sets a good example for other players around him. How has your progression been as a player from your rookie year to now? What was the biggest adjustment you have had to make?

Afflalo: I definitely have gotten better. The mental aspect of the game is something that I have worked on and will continue to work on and I feel like I have done a good job with that. Physically, it will always be a process and gets better with time. On the court I just continue to work on my defense and my offensive moves. You’re expected to be a key perimeter defender for the Nuggets this upcoming season, similar to what Dahntay Jones was last year. How do you feel about taking on that role?

Afflalo: That’s fine with me. I just want to be effective on the court and I always take pride in what I do. I think that success with defense is about taking pride in it. So whatever I can do to help the team out on the court is fine with me. As a UCLA alum, how will it feel to be back wearing powder blue and gold digs?

Afflalo: It will be good to be back in those colors so maybe it will be a comfort zone. But it’s not about what colors you’re in but what you’re doing on the court; so that is what I will be focusing on. Talk about playing with a championship contender.

Afflalo: That’s what you play for and that’s what it is all about. You compete and play all season to win in the end. I’m just happy to be in that position to be there in the end. What is your favorite sport other than basketball?

Afflalo: I actually enjoy playing ping-pong. Right before a game, what is playing through your headphones?

Afflalo: You know, pretty much anything that can get my blood flowing. It can be hip-hop but I can even listen to some slow music, it all works for me.