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Denver Nuggets Fan Spotlight - Brian Dyet

Each week will be highlighting some of the biggest Nuggets fans from around Colorado. To kick off our Fan Spotlight series, we had a quick question and answer session with long-time Denver Nuggets season ticket holder, Brian Dyet of Denver.

How long have you been a Denver Nuggets season ticket holder?
Since 1975 – 36 years

What is your seating area at Pepsi Center?
Lower Center Balcony

Why did you initially purchase your tickets?
I originally purchased tickets because of David Thompson. Really enjoyed watching him.

How do you utilize your tickets?
I usually attend every game. My friends and family receive any tickets I don't use and my Nuggets Nations seats.

What is the most memorable experience you have had at a Nuggets game?
1985 Western Conference finals against the Lakers. The whole series was awesome!

What is your normal game-day routine? Any superstitions or habits special to Nuggets Games?
Depending on time we always stop to get something to eat before heading to Pepsi Center. If time doesn’t permit, we eat at the arena. We always try to sit in the same seat (i.e. Brian always sits in seat 2 and Melissa always sits in seat 3). It seems that if we change that up the teams plays bad so we always try to keep that the same. I always go home and watch a replay of the game, especially when there are points in the game that I would like to see replays.

Why would you recommend Nuggets season tickets to someone else?
Excitement, fun, break from day-to-day routine. Reason to get out of the house.

What is your favorite part about Denver Nuggets basketball?
High scoring offense, run-and-gun offense.