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Cheerleaders / Stunt Team

Top Row, Left to Right:
Jennifer M., Jason B., Jill, Craig, Stephanie (coach), Christopher “Hemo” (coach), Aspen (captain), Rob, Denise, Kolan

Guys, Middle Row, Left to Right:
Jon, Courtney, Sean, Tyler, Kimmie, Jordan, Tim, Kaytie, Ryan, Brandon, Alicia, Gabriel

Bottom Row:
Jennifer H., Damon, Summer, John “Cass”, Sarah, Kevin, Kylee

Not Pictured:
Chad, Josh, Chris, Brian, Eric, Jason C. (captain), Adrienne

Meet the Coaches

Official Athletic Club of the Denver Nuggets Cheer Squad

The Denver Nuggets Cheerleading team, comprised of 32 members (both male and female), is currently enjoying its fifth season. The team performs at every home game during the regular season, playoffs, as well as other special engagements. The co-ed cheerleading team does various performances, including acrobatic stunts, elite gymnastics, high flying basket tosses, and other acrobatic skills to entertain the audience and encourage crowd involvement.

In addition to these responsibilities members of the team are also involved in several volunteer activities that support the city of Denver and the surrounding communities. The Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders are always on the lookout for new talent, and enthusiastic fans that are there to support our beloved Denver Nuggets on their quest to be the best in the NBA. GO NUGGETS!!!!

For further information, please e-mail Cheer Team directors/choreographers Stephanie and Christopher John, at

The Nuggets Cheerleaders would like to thank
Jason Hayes Photography and Brindle
as well as the following sponsors for their support:

The Palms Tanning Resort


Comfort Dental